Don't Be A Victim!

How Scams Work

If you are struggling to make your mortgage payments, you may find yourself the target of con artists and scammers looking to make a quick buck off your desire to avoid foreclosure.

Foreclosure "rescue" scammers promise to save homeowners from foreclosure, but instead convince homeowners to do things that are not in their best interest. These fraudsters take homeowners' money, ruin their credit, and wipe out their home equity. Moreover, money spent paying these scammers for foreclosure prevention help could have been used to help make mortgage payments.

Spot Common Scams

Beware of businesses that:

  • Guarantee to save your home, no matter your circumstances;
  • Insist you do not contact your lender, lawyer or housing counselor;
  • Collect a fee before providing you services;
  • Encourage you to lease your home and buy it back over time;
  • Want you to make your mortgage payments to them, not your servicer;
  • Ask you to transfer your property deed or title to them; or
  • Pressure you to sign paperwork you have not read thoroughly or don't understand.

Where to go for Help

New scams are always developing. If you think an offer sounds too good to be true or if you are asked to pay a fee for foreclosure prevention services, call the Ohio Attorney General's Help Center at 800-282-0515 for assistance.

If you spot a scam or suspect fraud, you may also report it online to Save the Dream Ohio.

Learn More

Visit to learn more about spotting and avoiding common scams.

Also read more about foreclosure "rescue" scams in this publication from the Ohio Department of Commerce.

Avoid Scams