Help for Homeowners

Explore the information and links below to learn what options you may have to avoid foreclosure. You may also contact a housing counseling agency directly to begin working with a trained professional who can help you understand your options for keeping or exiting your home.
The website is designed for the Ohio homeowner who is struggling financially and evaluating whether to keep the house. If you are buying a house on land contract, buying a mobile home or even a tenant whose house is in foreclosure, see the Other Housing section of this website for information and resources. However, if you are buying a house with a typical loan and mortgage, then the Pre-Foreclosure and Foreclosure sections are for you. There are many helpful foreclosure avoidance programs and options but not every option is the right choice or even an available choice for every homeowner.

Your situation is unique and requires an individual assessment of available opportunities best provided by an experienced professional familiar with foreclosure avoidance programs and options. But you can start here and gain insight and understanding that will be very useful as you assess your situation.

Making Home Affordable
The Making Home Affordable Program is a federal program that helps homeowners obtain lower mortgage payments through loan modifications, refinancing and more. Ask your local housing counselor about Making Home Affordable and visit the website to learn more.

Legal Aid
Legal Aid attorneys work with Ohioans with low-incomes free of charge. If you have received a foreclosure complaint from your County Clerk of Courts, click here for a list of local legal aid attorneys.

In Ohio, homeowners may request mediation for their foreclosure cases. You may request mediation through your County Clerk of Courts. Visit the Supreme Court of Ohio's website for more information.

Ohio Mortgage Help Workbook
Download the Ohio Mortgage Help Workbook for more information on developing a crisis budget, communicating with your mortgage lending, spotting scams, and working with a housing counselor.

Financial Crisis Resources
Learn how to cope with a financial crisis using local resources, tools and ideas from other people who have been there before.

If you are a renter facing eviction because your landlord is in foreclosure, click here for important information.

Help for Homeowners