Post-Closing Questions

After closing, applicants often have additional questions but aren't sure where to turn. If you need help, contact the Ohio Housing Finance Agency's Office of Consumer Advocacy at 877.775.6446 or Answers to common questions such as:

  • When will my funding be sent to my mortgage servicer?
  • What should I do if my income changes?
  • My payment has increased or decreased. Will Save the Dream Ohio pay the difference?
  • I received assistance from Save the Dream Ohio, but my lender says I still owe money. Now what?
  • How do I report my Save the Dream Ohio assistance on my income taxes?
  • I received a letter from Save the Dream Ohio asking me to verify my employment situation—what should I do?
  • I do not wish to receive assistance anymore; how can I cancel my assistance payments?
  • I am selling or refinancing my home; what do I need to do to have my Save the Dream Ohio mortgage released or subordinated?
  • What should I expect if Save the Dream Ohio audits me?

...and more are available on our list of Frequently Asked Questions.