Financial Crisis Resources

If you are having financial difficulty, the following information may help:

Lower Your Monthly Expenses

Locate Safe and Affordable Housing

Find a Job or Job Training

Repair Your Credit is the official site to help consumers obtain their free credit report. Your credit report is generated by three consumer credit reporting companies. The FTC offers resources on credit repair, including Credit Repair: How To Help Yourself and Building a Better Credit Report.

Create a Budget (and Stick to It!), hosted by the U.S. government, offers information on keeping your family financially fit. The Beehive, produced by the One Economy Corporation, provides information for families on spending wisely, saving money, building a budget and more. Many HUD-approved housing counseling agencies offer budget and credit counseling free of charge. Find an agency near you.

Talk to Your Children About Tough Financial Times

PBS and Sesame Street have produced Families Stand Together: Feeling Secure in Tough Times. You can watch this hour-long special program with your children about four families coping with difficult economic circumstances. The Families Stand Together website includes tips for parents on talking with children.

What to do with Your Pets if You Have to Move

If you have to leave your home and you cannot bring your pet or you can no longer afford to care for your pet, visit No Paws Left Behind Inc. to find out how to make sure your pet ends up in a safe happy home.

Financial Crisis Resources