Working with a Housing Counselor

Getting Started

After you complete your online registration, you will print and sign the application and gather the supporting documents listed on the document checklist (visit the Document Guide for more information on required documents), and upload, mail or fax those documents to the housing counseling agency listed on your application.

If you cannot remember the name of your housing counseling agency, click here, login and click on "Check My Status."

After you have completed your online registration, you should expect to hear from your assigned housing counseling agency within three business days. Please pay attention to your email and voicemail so that you do not miss a message from your agency.

Your agency will provide instructions on next steps. Some agencies require a group orientation session, some schedule face-to-face appointments, and some provide counseling over the phone. Many agencies will not schedule an appointment with you until you have finished your online registration and submitted your documents.

Counseling Session

Once you have submitted your signed application and supporting documents, your counseling agency will contact you to set up an appointment. Your agency may ask you to complete additional forms before or at the beginning of your appointment.

Your housing counselor will review the information you submitted and ask questions to learn more about your situation and what programs would be best suited to help address your situation. If your counselor thinks you might benefit from cash assistance from Save the Dream Ohio, your counselor will submit your application, supporting documents, and a recommendation to be reviewed by an underwriter at the Ohio Housing Finance Agency.

What is Expected of You

Your housing counselor will meet with you, ask you questions, listen to your answers, provide honest recommendations, and keep you updated throughout the application process. In return, you are expected to:

  1. Arrive at your counseling sessions on time.
  2. Bring all requested paperwork or submit your paperwork before your counseling session.
  3. Answer all questions honestly.
  4. Provide any additional information or paperwork requested in a timely manner.
  5. Inform your counselor of any changes to your situation such as the receipt of a foreclosure summons, the receipt of a modification offer from your mortgage servicer, or a change in your income.
  6. Talk to your counselor about any questions or concerns you have about your application or the application process.